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Appliance Repair St. Albert

Microwave Oven Repair

When a microwave breaks down many people feel like it is a waste of time and money to have it repaired, but this could not be further from the truth. Before you kick your microwave to the curb give Appliance Repair St. Albert a call. Our experienced appliance specialists will provide a fast and effective diagnosis of the problem. There are many problems that can be resolved quite cost effectively. We stock our service vans with a wide range of parts for all microwave makes and models. This practice allows us to provide the fastest and most effective microwave repair in St. Albert.Microwave Repair St. Albert

Superb Service Guaranteed

We are honored to provide our customers with a superb service guarantee on every service we provide. Modern technology is amazing, but there is no substitute for good old fashioned customer service provided by friendly technicians that love what they do. Our specialists are exceptionally qualified to provide complete microwave service. We will install the built in microwave range, come out on a regular schedule to maintain it or repair it as needed. Whether you have a small counter top unit or a large range; we are the team to call.

Quality Repairs at Competitive Prices

Our professionals offer quality microwave repair at a competitive price. A few of the common problems we find with microwaves include blown fuses, bad door switches or a faulty fan motor. Everyone once in a while we will find problems with the stirrer belt, drive bushing or high voltage diode. The high voltage capacitor, power diode and magnetron can all fail at some point. Regardless of the problem; we can fix it right and we will not charge you an arm and a leg to do it.

Get in touch with St. Albert Appliance Repair before you decide to throw your microwave in the trash. Your unit might still be worth saving. Check out our microwave repair service in St. Albert, Alberta today.

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