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Dryer Repair

Dryers do wonders for us all. Sure, they don’t actually wash our clothes, but they get them nice and dry in a very short amount of time. Fact is, we could hand wash our clothes quicker than a washer, but drying them out without a dryer would likely take hours. With such a deep understanding of how important dryers are to most families, we take the initiative to provide professional dryer repair, installation, and cleaning services for your dryers here at Appliance Repair St. Albert.

When you need professional dryer repair or dryer installation, our appliance techs can handle it with ease. For any repair job, they come to you in their work trucks which are loaded down with extra parts and tools to help get the repairs done as quickly as possible. For installation, we come prepared with everything we’ll need to maneuver your dryer around if need be, and install it properly, ensuring that allĀ  exhaust ducts are properly sealed.

Another dryer service you might be interested in is simple maintenance. It’s affordable and it can go a long way towards the longevity of your dryer. We offer a service to clean out your washer as well, and our front load washer cleaner does a great job.

We can provide services for traditional dryers as well as top load dryers, front load washer and dryer combo units, and more! You can’t go wrong when you choose the professionals at St. Albert Appliance Repair.

If you find the dryer to be in need of professional services, look no further than your neighborhood friends right here at Appliance Repair St. Albert. We provide competitive prices and high quality results on all jobs we undertake. Remember, we offer the best dryer repair in St. Albert and other great appliance services too.


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